Our Mission

Helping kids and youth discover value, find purpose and build character.

Our Method

INSPIRE School Programs provides weekly programs for public school students during class time conducted by trained facilitators at no cost to the school. Our curriculums – written by our director and volunteers – include Radiant Girl and Radiant Girl Too for girls in grades 7th and 9th and MVP and MVP2 for boys in 7th and 8th grade.

Our Message

The foundation of all INSPIRE School Programs initiatives stem from the following core beliefs:

  1. Value = each young person is created uniquely and has individual talents and abilities.
  2. Purpose = life is more than existing and every young person has a reason to be here and something valuable to contribute.
  3. Character = to be successful in life, each young person must lay a good foundation of character traits including respect, handling emotions, commitment and responsible decision making.

Topics covered include anger management, fighting, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health, positive relationships, respect and many more.

Our Mandate

We focus on schools dealing with a high rate of teen pregnancy, violence, substance abuse and drop out rate.