Our Success

We have worked or are currently working in the following schools:

  • Columbia Middle School – Columbia, Illinois
  • Lalumier Elementary School – East St. Louis, Illinois
  • School of Choice – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Madison Middle School – Madison, Illinois
  • Estelle Sauget Academic School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Maplewood Elementary School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Wirth Middle School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Huffman Middle School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • E. Morris Middle School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Penniman Elementary School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Cahokia High School – Cahokia, Illinois
  • Centreville Elementary School – East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Bessie Coleman Middle School – Cedar Hill, Texas
  • Cedar Hill High School – Cedar Hill, Texas
  • Trinity Christian School – Cedar Hill, Texas


For the 2012 – 2013, INSPIRE School Programs will be in 77 classes representing 1300 students. For the 2010 – 2011 school year, we taught 27 different classes of students over two semesters, which totals over 300 class periods. Over the last 3 years, we have taught 1005 students and 783 hours of classes.

Over four years we have taught students that they are valuable, have an incredible future and do not have to settle for anything less. At the end of each class, we have the students fill out evaluation forms.
The following are quotes from previous students:

“I learned I didn’t need to wear just black. I am beautiful enough to wear colors.”
“I learned how to control my anger and I don’t need to fight.”
“I feel better about myself and know I can reach my goals.”

Many teachers have told us they plan their most important lessons on the day of our class because they know attendance will be highest on those days.

We have seen a decline in teen pregnancy as well as a better attitude and less fighting. Students are focusing on goal setting and the positive decisions needed to get them there.