Healthy Relationship Quiz
In any relationship, it is important to honestly evaluate it and see if it is healthy. By answering the following questions, you can determine if your relationship is a match made in heaven, needs some work or if you need to get out and find a real Prince Charming.

Does he have mood swings—gets angry one minute, and the next is apologetic and loving?

Does he threaten to hurt himself if you make him upset or he “feels bad” about himself?

Do you like yourself less when you are with or have recently been with him?

Does he express anger or frustration in an aggressive manner?

Does he ever put you down or make you feel badly about yourself?

Do you feel like you can't tell him the truth about who you talk to or see?

Does he blame others for his own actions?

Does he ever pressure you sexually and make you feel guilty to get what he wants?

Has he ever pushed, shoved, or physically hurt you in any way?

Does he constantly call or text you to ask where you are and what you’re doing?

Does he get angry and complain when “you spend too much time with others”?

Is he insecure and over protective with you, and say that you’re always thinking about other guys?

Healthy Relationship