INSPIRE School Programs

We offer the following initiatives:

Radiant Girl

12 week program for girls designed to teach “I have significance, I have strength, I will shine”

Radiant Girl Too

12 week program for girls designed to teach respect yourself, others and your future


12 week program for boys designed to teach manhood, value and purpose


12 week program for boys designed to build on the principles of MVP 1

Radiant Girls Luncheon

As a culmination of the program, we host a luncheon off campus and invite professional women to host a table. This allows the girls to practice the etiquette they learned in the class, meet professional women and hear a special guest speaker.

MVP Boys Breakfast

We host an off campus breakfast hosted by professional men in the community as well as a full presentation with guest speakers.


An empowering 45 minute multi media event to raise awareness, reduce the risk and offer hope to victims of sexual violence. Assemblies are gender specific with the boys assembly program focusing on respect and prevention of dating violence prevention.


An initiative to train and equip organizations to impact public school students on campus during class time