It could be your sister, your best friend or you. Many never tell.
Will you be silent? STAND UP TO SEXUAL VIOLENCE.

Whatever your story – victim, friend or concerned student – you have a part to play in writing history. And the history we want to see written is how a generation stood up to sexual abuse and rape – a generation that was not afraid to bring light to such a dark topic.

What can you do to help?
Spread the word – Tell your friends about this website. Like us on FACEBOOK. Put our buddy icons on your pages. Do class reports on the topic. Bring UNBREAK ME to the attention of your school principal, social workers and teachers. The more people we can get to our website, the more people we empower to STAND UP TO SEXUAL VIOLENCE.

FUSCHIA DAY – Organize a FUSCHIA DAY – a day for your school to show their support for victims of sexual abuse and rape and raise money for an UNBREAK ME school assembly. For an information packet, please email info@unbreakme.com.

Host a fundraiser – If your community youth group or student group would like to host a fundraiser, contact us and we will send you a fundraiser packet that includes information, printable posters and cards, as well as ideas on how to sponsor a school assembly.

Buy products – As UNBREAK ME grows we will be offering products like music downloads, t-shirts, books and jewelry. Proceeds will help fund school assemblies.